Flute & Piccolo

Lynn Lakin

Lynn first picked up the flute at age 10 in elementary school and has not put one down since.  It was certainly love at first sight for her!  Lynn started with private lessons 2 months later and was asked by a local music store to give lessons to others when she turned 14.  Around that time, she started playing in the Boise Jr. Symphony and Boise State Symphony high school band and orchestra.  At the same age of 14, she became a member of the Boise Philharmonic, earning Principal Flute there for 11 years before moving to Oregon.  She later went to Boise State University and studied music performance.  Afterwards, while living in Salem, she played with the Salem Symphony and the Salem Concert Band as Principal Flutist for 18 years. She then moved to Bend in 1991 and the rest is history… turning into 25+ years with the Cascade Winds and the Central Oregon Symphony. Lynn is also a proud member the Horizon Band in Bend.  Overall, Lynn has experienced 50+ years of loving the flute and the extreme joy of being able to share this passion for music with others, and has enjoyed the ride for sure!  

Lynn also has played piccolo for nearly that long, and as she says, much to the distress of those sitting next to her without earplugs!  In her words, “it is a very high octave little beast but I do love it too!”