Seth Burrows


Seth has been playing guitar for 30 years, and teaching for 25. While growing up in Breckenridge, Colorado, Seth was inspired to pick up the guitar by listening to instrumental rock virtuosos like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. At the recommendation of is high school band director, Seth attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. While at Berklee, he was taught by Bruce Bartlett, Kevin Barry, Tomo Fujita, and Pat Pattison, among many others. After graduating Summa Cum Laude, Seth lived in Nashville for several years, playing guitar, producing demo recordings, and working in Final Assembly at the Gibson Custom Shop. Since moving to Central Oregon in 2013, he has played in several local groups, and has played in a handful of musical theater productions, including Avenue Q, Evil Dead the Musical, RENT, and Jesus Christ Superstar. Seth is always striving to learn new things about music and how it applies to the guitar. His lessons emphasize the development of the student's ear, the cultivation of their innate creativity, and guiding them to the tools and strategies they need to become great musicians, not merely great guitar players.

Amanda Armstrong


Amanda has recently moved back to Bend where she grew up. At the age of nine, music started to become a major staple in Amanda’s life. She took a strong interest in guitar, being shaped from musical influences such as Fleetwood Mac, Alanis Morrisette, Counting Crows, and Johnny Cash. Amanda then expanded her string family, adding violin/fiddle and ukulele at an early age. Recently in the last year she has also been studying piano. 

Amanda loves writing and recording her own music, working with various genres such as Folk/rock/pop/indie/country/alternative and various Spanish style guitar. Sharing her love for music is one of Amanda’s absolute passions, being grateful to have had the opportunity to teach others over the past 6 years locally and internationally. The last two years she has been living and teaching music in Chiangmai (Thailand), Perth (Australia), and different areas in England offering guitar, ukulele, and vocal lessons, sharing in volunteer work as well. She loves traveling, exploring the outdoors, hiking the beautiful mountains Oregon has to offer, spending her winters at the mountain snowboarding, and enjoying the amazing summers in Bend! Amanda enjoys adapting her music lessons to the style and genre of music her students love and enjoy learning. In turn, she wants to help people find a love and joy for music, just as she does!

Chris Stevens

Guitar 1.jpg

Chris grew up in a small east Texas town, Crockett, where he enjoyed things most kids his age liked doing in that part of the state. Riding his dirt bike, hanging out in his treehouse and exploring the thick wooded area that surrounded the family home. From an early age, he was always one to pick up a guitar wherever he found one. By age 9, he had his very own electric guitar, which he quickly became enamored with. He soon found himself in his bedroom with his guitar more times than not, experimenting with chordal and scalar shapes and figuring out what made the fit together. From the rock and blues music he grew up hearing on a daily basis to country standards and jazz pieces he'd picked out by ear, he quickly became comfortable on the instrument. Fast forward to age 17, and he was teaching guitar nearly full time in a music store in Pennsylvania. Chris then continued his music journey by playing in multiple bands and putting in plenty of long hours of practice, finding himself to be a very well rounded, competent musician in nearly any setting. These days, after playing for 19+ years and relocating to Oregon, he enjoys playing everything from the blues, rock and country he grew up with to more technically advanced styles like bluegrass and modern heavy metal.  Chris noticed early on how much teaching really forces you to break down and analyze your own playing and has been quite successful in conveying those findings to students of all levels.


Sam Taylor


Sam Taylor is certainly one of the most versatile and multi-talented musicians residing in Central Oregon.  Sam grew up in a musical family, where piano was the featured instrument in the household, along with having a very accomplished pianist for a mother.  He and his siblings all formed a basis for music around the piano, gradually adding other instruments into the mix together.  His family had soon realized that Sam had special talent in his fingers, and at the age of 9 he was set up with private violin lessons and hasn’t turned back since.  Sam studied violin and viola primarily throughout high school, and was selected for a music scholarship to the University of Montana, while also completing studies across Europe.  Before college as well, Sam had picked up the guitar and was later selected to a master program at the university, taught by none other than the great classical guitarist, Christopher Parkening.  Throughout his studies and performing in his younger years, Sam had picked up a variety of stringed instruments, also including cello, mandolin, ukulele, banjo, and bass guitar (including stand-up bass).  

A few of Sam’s many accomplishments include having years in the Central Oregon Symphony as 1st Violinist, Concertmaster of the student orchestra at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels, and conducting the Steckborn Civic Orchestra in Switzerland.  Throughout his life, Sam has felt a calling to pass along his musical knowledge and experience to new generations of music, and has gathered 30+ years experience in teaching private lessons.  Sam currently resides in Bend, and aside from teaching he is the Conductor of the Community Orchestra of Central Oregon.  He looks forward to continuing to share his passion for music with the community!


Andy Jacobs

Born in Bend during the early 80’s, Andy developed an intense passion for music at an early age.  His parents exposed him to the oldies they grew up with, ranging from Elvis and Buddy Holly to Motown and The Beatles.  In 1994, while Andy was in 8th grade, a Jimi Hendrix cover band played at his school and blew his adolescent mind.  At that moment, he decided to use the money he earned delivering the local newspaper on his bike to purchase his first electric guitar.  Immediately, he began to learn the instrument on his own by playing along with his favorite albums of the early 90’s.  It wasn’t long before he was playing in bands and gigging out regularly.  Andy has played in countless bands around town over the last two decades.  ‘Goodbye Dyna’ is Andy’s solo project that has released a few albums in which he writes and plays everything on them.  Andy is also an accomplished drummer and can be found playing in the local desert-metal band ‘Drunk Pilot’.  He is also currently playing guitar and singing for reggae tribute band, ‘Subliminal’.  Andy has been teaching private lessons for 10 years now and has also taught the ‘School of Rock’ class at Cascade School of Music.  He is also well-versed in vocal training and can offer this service as well to aspiring performers.  For those students looking to approach music from a songwriting perspective, Andy is able to combine vocal coaching with other instrument instruction.  He was taught voice by Don Hoxie, who studied under the same instructor for Ann Wilson of the iconic rock band Heart.



(Tumalo / Sisters Region)

Born in Akron, OH, Lino grew up studying classical guitar, and later expanded his studies into rock, jazz and many other styles throughout his music career. Lino moved to Bend in 2008 after many successful years of composing and performing music in Los Angeles, CA.  He began his career in rock music where he was signed to two records labels and performed both in Europe and here in America.  Most recently, Lino is a signed artist with the Eversound label where he has released 4 "Lino CD's" here in the US as well as in markets overseas.  Lino also provided much music to the film and television industry either through song placements or original scoring.  His music can be heard in hundreds of television shows and films.

Currently, Lino resides in the Bend area where he runs a studio from his home and records/produces for several artists each year.  Lino also enjoys teaching various styles of guitar, and using fun ways to teach critical music theory in the midst of appreciating several different genres.  Solid fundamentals of guitar are important to Lino, however he embraces a number of methods to learning, fitting the interests of the student. Overall, he enjoys building a teaching program around the student and what the student is most interested in learning. 


Travis Palladino

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